Saturday, January 13, 2018

MPM1D1 - Day 80 EQAO Multiple Choice Questions

The buses were cancelled today. The plan had been to work through some of the EQAO practice multiple choice questions. From the bank of released questions over the past few years, I created a question library in D2L. From there I created a quiz that randomly selects questions from each of the strands. Students can do the quiz, see how they did and repeat. Every time they do the quiz they get a different set of questions.

I fired off an email to all students first thing in the morning showing how they could access the quiz along with a video showing how to do it. Unfortunately, not many of them took the opportunity to try, but hopefully more will over the weekend.

Here's a link to the file containing the quiz if you'd like to import it into D2L. I'm hoping to add more questions as I have time.  Below is a video showing how import the quiz.

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