Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Math 2.0 Meet

Over the past three or four months I've felt as though I wanted to do more in my math classes. I wanted some new strategies to engage my students. I came across a Math 2.o meet offered through the Community of Expertise in Educational Technology (CEET). The conference was a week long event where teachers shared their ideas and resources relating to teaching and technology. Every day of the week I looked forward to seeing what had been contributed and what thinking about what I would be able to contribute. The conference allows guests. Just choose to login in as a guest to see what you missed. I think I need to do more of this type of networking and collaborating. I also think it would be a valuable tool for many teachers who aren't even aware of these possibilities. It would be great if all of the teachers in my district could be a part of an evolving online community.

If this type of learning interests you sign up for CEET's Literacy 2.0 Meet or their Cell Phones in the Classroom meet.

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