Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Math Room Makeover

My classroom is likely the most boring room on the planet. The walls are mostly bare with the exception of a few posters that were left from the teacher that was in there before I was (I'm guessing they're from the 80's). I often look at my room and think "I should really update this room a little". Can you guess at how far I get with that thought? Not very. Although my intentions are good, I often find about 100 things that I think are more important. My lack of ambition in this area combined with my complete lack of style and decorating ability have let inertia win out on this one.

However, I think the stars may be aligning for a change. The math teachers at the school met with the vice principal about a bunch of different things and at the end of the meeting she talked about how she'd like to work on sprucing up the math rooms. No doubt this was a result of my room. In any case, I have dubbed this event the Math Room Makeover. If you know of any television networks that would like to sponsor us, let me know!

The other piece of this puzzle is that while I enjoy my semester off a number of teachers will be using my room. Two of these teachers have asked if they could decorate my room, one has even done some painting already (Thanks Laura!).

I'm looking for some ideas for decorating a math classroom. What does your classroom look like? Feel like sharing a picture? Do you have any neat ideas, poster, etc. I'm desperate! Ideas don't need to be strictly math related.



  1. Guilty as charged - but I don't like the rooms where the same stuff is up all year, regardless how good it is. Definitely like student work, of all grades and levels. I have enjoyed the amazement of 10Ps looking at 4U graphs, and the 4Us reviewing taxes by looking at the 1L posters. Start small, but start tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Do you have students do work on chart paper so that you can post it? Sounds very simple.

  3. I think simple is best when "decorating" a classroom. Here's my vision for your room (feel free to change it in Sept) - A mathematical "word wall" above the chalkboard. I may need some help with grade 11 and 12 important equations and words. On the opposite bulletin board, there is room for some motivational posters and a version of "Bump It Up" posters made by students that can be changed each unit. Oh, and I guess there should be something about EQAO - formula sheets, key words. Most of the stuff can stay up all year but there is a large space for rotating student work.