Monday, December 4, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 61 Solving a System of Equations Algebraically

We started the class solving some equations. I wanted students to really focus on showing their work and being methodical in their approach.

After the warm-up we looked at solving a system of equations algebraically. We looked at the Knotted Rope work we did last week and discussed the ways we could determine when the ropes would be the same length. Students mentioned that they could graph it or look at the table. I asked how many of them wanted to fill in the table to get up to 60 knots. We decided that in this case a table would take too long and one student suggested we should use an equation. We talked about how if the lengths of the ropes were equal then the equations representing their lengths must also be equal. I helped them setup the equation and let them solve it.

For the remainder of the period students could work on their own or in groups on the review for the upcoming test.

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