Saturday, December 2, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 60 More Knotted Ropes

We started with another Which One Doesn't Belong.

The goal here was to connect the different representations of a linear relation. Students did a great job of discussing slope, y-intercepts, x-intercepts, continuous, discrete and the equations for these relations.

They then had some time to finish up the Knotted Ropes work that they started yesterday.  The groups were much more focused today. They graphed the relationship between rope length and number of knots for each roe. They generated an equation and made connections between the slope and y-intercept and what they meant in terms of the rope. I asked them to use there equations to find how long will each rope be if it had 25 knots? How many knots are needed to get each rope to a length of 60 cm? Then they plotted their data in Desmos and performed a linear regression to get the equation of the lines best fit. They then checked on the graph to see where the point of intersection was located.

I had hoped to look at how to find the point of intersection algebraically but one or two of the groups weren't quite ready for it yet. I'll pick up here on Monday.

Some groups finished early so I gave them some more parallel and perpendicular lines practice. We're having a test next week so I also gave out the test review in case anyone wanted to get started on it over the weekend.

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