Thursday, November 30, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 59 Knotted Ropes

The warm-up for today was this Which One Doesn't Belong:

It was a nice tie in to what we have been doing (slopes, intercepts, parallel lines) and I heard some great reasons for each one not belonging.

After the warm-up we consolidated the work that we did yesterday on parallel and perpendicular lines. 

The goal for today was to have students explore the relationship between the number of knots in a rope and its length (inspired by this post). Each groups received a length of rope and a length of string. 

They were to create a table, graph and equation to represent both their rope and string, then determine how many knots were needed to make both ropes the same length (same number of knots in each rope). We only had about 30 minutes to complete the activity. I knew that students wouldn't finish but was hopeful. Most groups worked very effectively, but a couple couldn't seem to measure accurately enough. I might need some larger diameter rope that doesn't stretch so much. A number of groups found that their rope was longer after adding a knot to it.

Nobody got past the graphing stage so we'll finish up tomorrow.

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