Monday, October 2, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 19 Sunflowers

We started with this problem:

I was surprised to see the approaches that students took for this one. I had expected most to convert the fractions to decimals or percents. One of the groups did that. The rest of the groups created equivalent fractions with common denominators and compared that way. It's nice to see the different approaches.

Once the warm-up was complete we looked at some trouble spots from last week's assessment (everyone finally wrote it).

We then moved onto the Sunflower Task. A few people weren't really sure where to start and some didn't really want to start. Eventually, everyone got going. The goal here was to make connections between the table, the graph and the descriptions of relationships.

For those that finished early I gave out some percent practice. Tomorrow we'll go over percents to ensure that everyone has a good grasp.

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