Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 30 Calculating Rates From Graphs

I was away today so here's what I'm hoping the class did today. I left the following Estimation 180 tasks to start:

After the estimating they were to move onto a couple of graphing stories (here and here). After those two videos they were to have a look at Kyle Pearce's Walk Out task. It's the same idea as the others but the graph was ideal for looking at calculating rates from a graph.

Once they were done watching the videos they watched a video of me explaining how to calculate a rate from a graph. The graph at the end of the video is ideally setup because each square did not represent one unit, which makes it easier to subtract the coordinates to find the change in distance and the change in time. The idea was to connect the abstract work we did with slope yesterday to a context in order to reinforce the connection. I left a bit of practice for them as well.

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