Monday, October 9, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 23 Test Day

We wrote our first test on Friday. Many students seemed quite nervous as they started. I get excited on test days. I'm excited for students to show me what they have learned. If you're looking for a sports analogy, test day is like game day. We've spent all this time practicing and improving and I'm looking forward to seeing how much my students have improved.

As the test progressed I had questions such as "What does this mean?" and "How do I do this?". I told students to try their best. We had talked before the test about how it was important to write something down for every question. I was happy that for the most part they did. Some students need to work a little on presenting our solutions in a manner that's easy to follow.

I think that by the end of the test students had a good idea of what they needed work on before the next test. I'm hopeful that this will provide them with some focus for our upcoming work.

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