Thursday, October 12, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 26 Solving One & Two Step Equations

I was away today so here's what I hope happened.

As a lead-in to solving equations students were to work through some Solve Me Mobiles as a class. I left about 10 of them to try. I really like using these because the principles are the same as those used to solve equations but students see them as non-threatening puzzles. I guess part of the reason for this could be that the puzzles are very visual and there can be some trial and error. I guess they're not quite as abstract as an equation with letters as unknowns.

After the warm-up students watched a video of me working through some examples of solving one and two step equations. After seeing the examples they had some equations to solve. I imagine that a good number of students were done early. If they finished early I'm hoping that they tried more Solve Me Mobiles on their phones.

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