Tuesday, October 3, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 20 Percents & Footprint Data Collection

We started with a visual pattern today.

All groups came up with the equation and the number of stars in the 43rd step pretty quickly. I sent them back to their seats and had them write up a solution. I explained that I didn't just want an answer, I wanted an explanation of how they got the solution. I collected their work and had a look at it. Some did an amazing job with their explanations, others could use some work.

We did a quick note summarizing percents (converting to and from decimals and fraction, finding percentages, etc.) and I asked them to finish up the handout I gave out yesterday for homework (for those that hadn't finished already).

Next up was collecting data and working on graphs for the Footprint Assignment. Most groups were very quick to get their measurements and getting started. For whatever reason some students seem to feel like they don't need to do any work if they're holding a metre stick. Odd.

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