Wednesday, October 11, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 25 Graphing Stories & Collecting Like Terms

As part of Global Math Week I thought I'd start today with the International Math Salute. I had students stand up, put their arms out from, cross their right arm over their left, put their palms together then untwist.

The look on their faces as their hands ended in a twisted mess was priceless. I did it a couple of times. Some students said that they had figured it out but they couldn't seem to reproduce it. There were some great conversations going on.

Next, I handed out individual whiteboards so that students could sketch graphs of some Graphing Stories. We did the first two stories. The first one was a bit of a challenge given that students were graphing time vs. time. They struggled with this idea but after the first few seconds of the video they figured out what was going on. I let them create a graph then we reiterated some of the terminology. We talked about continuous vs. discrete data, partial vs. direct variation, interpolation vs. extrapolation, slope. These were all terms that we've seen before but based on last week's test many students still need practice with the terminology. We'll do a few more of these at some point.

The goal for today's lesson was to look at adding and subtracting like terms. We started by watching this video:

I was kind of surprised at how entertaining they found the video. After watching the video I asked if there would have been an easier way to place the order? Someone suggested that we group all of the similar items together and add them up. What a great idea!

We talked a little about some terminology: terms, polynomials, monomials, binomials, like terms. We took a note on adding and subtracting like terms then I gave them a handout for some practice.  I think the 'you can't add a burger and a Coke together' idea really helped some of them understand the idea of only adding (and subtracting) like terms.

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