Thursday, October 19, 2017

MPM1D1 - Day 31 Truck and Bike Task

We started with this Two Truths and a Lie:

The slope of the following relations is 2.

I sent them to the boards to work in their groups. There was a ton of great discussion and arguments. There were lots of questions between group members. At one point a couple of groups had gathered around the board to listen in as the peer tutor provided some explanation. 

All groups were able to figure out the correct answer. I really liked how this activity made connections to the different representations. I think my students are starting to make some headway in terms of connecting these representations.

 After the warm-up I handed out Bike and Truck Task. I gave very little in the way of instruction to see what they would do. Some students started working away dilligently. Others seemed to be filling out the handout without really reading (or perhaps understanding) what the questions were asking. I let them work for about fifteen minutes then interrupted them. Now that they were familiar with the task I wanted them to work in groups at  the board to create some success criteria for it. I've never created success criteria and I've never had students do it but I thought I'd give it a shot. I was surprised at how quickly things were appearing on the boards. As I looked around I noticed there were lots of great suggestion.

But as you can see very few of the suggestions have anything to do with the task. I was surprised at the lack of connection to the actual work we were doing. I commented to the class about their great list of criteria and asked if they could also add items that were specific to the task. A couple of groups added some, but the success criteria seemed to be lacking detail.

Tonight I'll make a list of their criteria along with my criteria and share it with them tomorrow. I'll do this because tomorrow they will get an assignment that is similar that they need to complete and submit.I'm not convinced that having the students come up with the success criteria was very useful, but maybe they we will get better at it over time.

With success criteria on the boards it was time to move on. We did took up the mastery test on slopes and equations of lines that they wrote yesterday and then they wrote it again.

For homework I asked them to finish the Truck and Bike task by adding to it to meet their success criteria.

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